How should I activate MetroPCS phone?

How should I activate the MetroPCS phone?-As a new phone owner, if you are looking for ways to activate the MetroPCS phone, then the following post is for you. Unlike your expectations, MetroPCS Activation is easy, provided that you know detailed steps which lead to activation.

  • Simply install your SIM
  • Make your choice with regards to the specific plan you want to go for
  • Get in touch with the MetroPCS Customer service

Yes, the above three steps become the basis for you to activate your MetroPCS phone.

However, if you still need clarity then I am giving you further detailed methodology with regards to the query “How to Activate a MetroPCS phone? Yes, you will get a detailed guide where you will be empowering yourself with easy to follow instructions to activate your MetroPCS phone.  Now, you are very near to ensure that the activation process is complete. Simply read the post further:-

Method to activate your MetroPCS phone

MetroPCS is a prepaid cell phone provider which is operated by the very same company which also owns it, and it is none other than T-Mobile USA. It has various attractive wireless plans.

MetroPCS is famous for providing exclusive features where one of the popularly renowned services is MetroPCS Wi-Fi Calling service. Now, as someone who have just purchased the phone, so you would naturally need MetroPCS Services for activating your MetroPCS phone as the basic and important aspect.

MetroPCS phone Activation process is easy unlike the usual thought process of users who often define it to be complicated or difficult. So, don’t be in a confused state of mind, while addressing the basic query “How to Activate a MetroPCS phone? Yes, we will help you as the following post offers very easy to follow simple instructions to activate the phone.

All the details should be handy |

It is important to have details ready with you. So what are those?


  • Your new phone along with SIM
  • The information which is very basic but important such as your name, address  and account PIN

As an Activate Metro phone owner, if you currently don’t own a SIM, then order from Metro PCS. Or you can pay a visit to the retailer and get a new SIM

You should know the serial numbers of both of your ‘Phone’ and ‘SIM’ for activating the phone on Metro PCS

  • Refer the plastic card for knowing the SIM card serial number
  • While phone serial number can be obtained from three places such as
  •  ‘On the retail box’, secondly, ‘At the place beneath the battery’ (inside the phone) and thirdly ‘You can also search by going to the settings menu of the device’.

Install your SIM Card Straight Talk

After obtaining the relevant details, it is time for you to install the Prepaid SIM Card. Simply insert SIM and complete the required instructions.

  • Choose the plan you want
  • Go to the official website
  • Check different plans available
  • Make your choice

MetroPCS activation code needed to activate

Just before you activate the phone, you will get an activation code. For getting the same, either visit the official website or call customer service.

Now this is the time for you to apply the information as the following:-

  • Metropcs SIM number
  • MetroPCS Check IMEI
  • Select a plan and then activate it

MetroPCS Activation Fee

You will be glad to know that Metro PCS doesn’t ask for any fee for activation. There is a fee of $15 (required for ESN change) needed when the active subscriber is switching over to a different phone like MetroPCS switch phone.

Although, you need to pay applicable sales tax on the phone along with the activation fee mentioned or else u may replace the MetroPCS sim card replacement or u may buy the transfer the Metropcs new number for the new MetroPCS sim card transfer


This is how you are able to activate t mobile sim card phone by going through detailed steps in a planned manner where you don’t have to face any issues.

The aforesaid post is empowering people with the correct ways of how to Activate MetroPCS phone and the process is possibly the easiest which one can find online.

While doing so, you enter into a happy, cheerful and satisfied family of MetroPCS phone users who are very happy and content with the features and services they are getting. So, welcome to the world of ease and happiness and experience what it takes to be a part of an ever-rising and awesome family of MetroPCS phone users. You need to enter in the ‘MetroPCS’ family to experience the same.