How to bypass MetroPCS device unlock app

How to bypass MetroPCS device unlock app-So basically, you are looking to bypass the MetroPCS device unlock app. This is where the following post helps you in detail.

  • Are you looking to access a certain SIM card which is blocked on your Smartphone device?
  • Do you want to switch over to a network which is highly sophisticated and advanced?
How to bypass MetroPCS device unlock app

Before going to by pass your mymetropcs account u must look up the Metro pcs policy

How to bypass MetroPCS device unlock app

In reality, you don’t need to bypass the MetroPCS device unlock app for unlocking your device. Well, I am providing the tutorial which makes it possible for you to unlock the same. There may be various reasons why do you need to unlock the phone. A few of them are as follows:-

  • While travelling internationally, you can save on the roaming fees, as you can switch over to the local sim
  • The MetroPCS phone will continue to be under Metropcs warranty, even if it is locked
  • You get the convenience of using series of different carriers right on your phone
  • It enhances the resale value since the device can potentially work on more carriers which is quite a noteworthy aspect, as it comes in handy during the time when you want to purchase some other phone
  • So, once you unlock it, this feature will be permanent

Here is the how to unlock a metropcs using android phone.

Things to take care

Don’t install any sort of MetroPCS device unlock app from the Google play store. Since, officially, there is no app that is present there. So, don’t get tricked with any similar app thinking it to be the same.

Look for MetroPCS device first. Since the unlock, the app is preinstalled on the device. You can find the same in the “Applications” folder

If you can’t find it, then it may be hidden. So, go to App Settings, and then do a search for the same.

If you are in the process of unlocking a device which has GSM connectivity, then be assured, that it can only work with carriers of GSM network and certainly not with CDMA

There is no assurance that after the unlock thing is done, your device will be compatible with series of other carrier networks.

In order to work towards unlocking MetroPCS phone, it is important that your phone must be active for a minimum of 180 days without a break, right from the time when it was activated.

Let’s know how to unlock the MetroPCS phone

So, based on the eligibility aspect, ensure that your phone falls in the parameter where it can be unlocked. ‘

You should have a good internet connection

Now go to “Application” folder and hit on “Device Unlock” app. Thereafter, click on “Continue”

Now, in the next step, click on the “Permanent Unlock” option. As you do so, the process may take few moments to complete. After it is done, you can reboot your device so that the settings can be applied effectively.

This is how your work can be done with sophistication and perfection as you know that you have just gained a mechanism to unlock the app. This aspect is easy, as you have followed through with the aforesaid post.


So here we have share how to bypass Metropcs device by using Metro pcs unlocking app and other so if u have any kind of query so lemme know in a comment so that we can solve ur issue by sharing our informative guide.