MetroPCS Insurance Guide: New Metro GUARD charges

Do you know that companies such as MetroPCS safeguard the interest of its users and that’s why it has significantly come up with the terms in the form of MetroPCS Insurance or MetroPCS Premium handset protection?. Yes, let’s now take a look at the following post in order to know more about them:-

MetroPCS Insurance

Considering the relevance of giving a safety cover by the renowned companies to its users, various terms such as MetroPCS Insurance Claims Number etc have become quite relevant and meaningful in today’s scenario where users ought to know their rights which the company provides.

So what are those? Let’s know them in detail:-

How MetroPCS Insurance  works

Metro by T-Mobile is also known as MetroPCS and is owned by T-Mobile USA. Being a cell phone carrier, it has started its operations way back in the year 2003. Since then it has been registering increasing business over the years. It is an independent company that offers the same network as that of T-Mobile premium handset protection

MetroPCS offers a prepaid service which basically implies that you have to pay in advance for the service. If at any point in time you exceed the data, then you are naturally bound by the company to pay for the same. So that you can continue using the service without any interruptions or distortions and you can continue to enjoy the service with all its glory.

What is Metro PCS Phone Insurance?

Metro by T-Mobile knows the value of offering premium handset protection as it basically covers some of the basic and most important phases which may happen with the mobile. For example, the device may get stolen or undergoes liquid damage, physical damage, electrical or mechanical breakdown etc.

  • Metro PCS Insurance comes into effect right from July 1st, 2019 with the exception of few places in the form of New Jersey, New York as well as Connecticut.
  • As per Metro pcs phone warranty policy, you will get a new provider with regards to the T-Mobile device protection program.

Steps to file or track your MetroPCS Insurance Claim

What is the most obvious reaction on either ‘losing’ or getting your smartphone damaged? You feel depressed to such an extent where you derive ways to get it repaired as soon as possible. Hence, thanks to Metro, you are actually able to get replacement device in the next business day.

You need to file a claim in case your phone is damaged, metropcs insurance lost phone or robbed. So what are those?

Let’s check them out in the following manner:-

Steps to file Metro PCS Insurance Claim online

  • Provide a detailed insight about the actual happening relating to the device along with complete billing as well as the shipping address.
  • Tell which model your device is, as well as the payment method for your deductible to the carrier.
  • In order to get a confirmation of your submission of the Metro PCS Insurance Claim, you receive an email along with the substitute’s device relevant information such as shipping and monitoring data

Method to track Metro PCS Insurance Claim

It is very easy to check the claim online at anytime.

Tips to adhere

  • The claim should be filed within a period between 60 and 90 days
  • The damaged device as well as original prepaid shipping label are to be returned.

Steps to cancel Metro PCS Insurance Claim

  • If you don’t feel like continuing with the claim, then you can cancel it, simply get in touch with Asurion with your claim ID or contact using Asurion MetroPCS phone number
  • Thoroughly check the terms of the policy before you actually cancel the claim

Is Metropcs Insurance worth it Deductible – New Metro GUARD Charges

Premium Handset Protected has taken over as a substitute for Metro GUARD. It works in offering detailed protection with respect to loss, harm, robbery quite like the way its predecessor was doing. Changes will occur to the users automatically

Let’s take a look at the complete details:-

Chart here or call metro by t-mobile insurance number by using below number

Metropcs Premium Handset Protection

‘Premium Protection is the term used by PHP by details the nature of service it offers. It is very easy to pay the Metro PCS Insurance Deductible, you just have to visit the Metropcs nearest store for the same.


Finally, after reading the post you got to know about the detailed aspects relating to the PHP program. Yes, it offers a top-notch level of safety and security with regards to protecting the device against various situations (mentioned above)