MetroPCS Wi-Fi calling:- Know complete process to set it up

MetroPCS Wi-Fi calling: How often have you faced the issue of the poor network in “in out of reach areas” before? Well, if it has happened many times, then don’t worry as MetroPCS Wi-Fi Calling has given a pleasant change in the areas where you actually can’t establish calls due to weak signals. Hence, as a MetroPCS user, the following post is for you where you will get a detailed guide on Metro PCS Wi-Fi Calling Service.

What exactly is Metro PCS Wi-Fi Calling Service?

MetroPCS Wi-Fi Calling is a service that is synonymous with exclusivity. It offers a unique feature meant for users to get network in the places where there is either ‘weak’ or ‘no network’ at all. It means that whenever you can’t initiate a call on T-Mobile then you can avail the service of MetroPCS Wi-Fi Calling for making calls and texts, as it doesn’t require a cell signal.

So, once again I would like to make it very clear that it doesn’t require any network connectivity for calling or texting and that also includes making video calls.

Metro T-Mobile offers exclusive services to its users as part of reciprocating love which increasing customers usually bestow on the company. Likewise, one of the most profound examples can be that of MetroPCS Wi-Fi Calling right during the weakest or no signals.

Metro PCS Wi-Fi Calling uses a Wi-Fi network for making as well as receiving calls as it has become an outstanding feature offered by Metro by T-Mobile devices.

The service is primarily known by the name “JOYN” and it is easily downloadable from Metro App Store or Google Play Store.

MetroPCS knows how important it is for users to establish a connection with others. Besides calling or texting, you can also share photos, videos as well as files as part of addressing your professional or personal duty. So, anyone can complete all of the above-mentioned functions, even in the absence of coverage. Importantly, the receiver doesn’t necessarily need to be on JOYN.

MetroPCS wifi calling not working -metropcs wifi calling 911 address

Many People Knows that metropcs wifi calling not working properly for those people who are here to share some knowledge as we got experienced to solve issue on metro pcs wifi not working.

Basically, many users get frustrated when the wifi Is not working Then they Called To Metropcs Customer Care and get help from them, So as I also Got Frustrated when this wont work me So I Did this Method its work for me.

Basically when u want to use Metropcs wife then u must install the Mymetropcs App from The Google Play Store And Confirm The E911 Address of ur present location or address in that app.

Another Method When Metropcs Wifi Not working

As we know that Metropcs wifi not working when we have dont have the perfect guide to solve this issue.As your the customer who are using Metropcs wifi devices then u might need this steps to activate Metropcs wifi.

  • First of all, you must need to submit ur e911 address or Else Download the Mymetro app from the google play store of Metropcs app from the ios Store or Contact Customer care to Submit ur Address of your Account.
  • Now Got to Metro pcs Apn Setting and check all the Apn Setting which you have in your mobile now Delete one by one which is not metro pcs APN setting. After u can Get the Default Metropcs Apn Setting of T-mobile like ( Gprs=T-MobileGPRS, IMS=T-Mobile IMS, Mobile MMS=T-Mobile MMS).
  • Now Select the T-MobileGPRS which one need to edit now Edit Apn Setting of Tmobile GPRS the Leave the other apn Setting.
  • After the completion of T-MobileGPRS Setting to Metropcs Apn Setting.
  • Now the Change Apn From to the new address of “ leave all the other setting Now Save.

After that give A Few Minutes u may notice T Mobile Wifi Calling and give a test call by calling to other Metropcs customer using Metropcs wifi calling after that “Metropcs wifi Volte” will be enabled in top Screen now the dialler screen show “wifi Calling”.

It also Activates all the other Data Services like Metropcs Data, Metro pcs MMS and Metropcs Volte.

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Important aspects relating to Metro PCS Wi-Fi Calling:-

  • When you avail of the Wi-Fi calling service, it is JOYN which is responsible for establishing a Wi-Fi connection over your cellular network
  • It is free where there are no hidden or additional charges associated with
  • If you make regular or international calls or texts then you will be charged as per the prevalent rules and rates

The process to set up Metro PCS Wi-Fi Calling in Android and iOS Phones

  • Move to Settings > Network Settings
  • Search for ‘Wi-Fi Calling’ and as you do, enable the same

Process to set up Metro PCS Wi-Fi Calling in iOS

  • Turn on Wi-Fi
  • Move to settings> Tap on Phone
  • Then you will see Wi-Fi Calling, so, turn it on.

Process to enable MetroPCS Wi-Fi Calling on your compatible device:-

  • Move to Settings
  • You will easily see Wireless & Networks, simple tap on it
  • In order to initiate Wi-Fi Calling you have to slide the switch to the position of “ON”
  • In order to turn on Wi-Fi calling, simply select preferred or “Never Use Cellular Network”, so that your Wi-Fi calling is operational.
  • (Based on the nature and available features associated with different device, the steps leading to MetroPCS Wi-Fi calling Set Up may ‘differ’)

What to do, if you are facing with issues while using your Wi-Fi Calling

Well, make sure that you comply with the following steps:-

  • Check Wi-Fi network
  • Check for REG09 : Missing 911 addressed error (The error basically happens if you haven’t set up the E911 address correctively. so simply fix it)


Also, you know the highly informative and energetic Metro PCS Support is waiting to address your problems, so if you feel the need, then you can get in touch with them without any delay.

Final thoughts

After you have undergone the above post, you now have a better position to address detailed steps with perfection. You have just found the relevance and importance of Metro PCS Wi-Fi Calling and how to set up compatible devices on both Android and iOS devices.

If you ever feel issues on setting things up, then you can trouble shoot or look for the error mentioned above. Likewise, based on your needs get in touch with the customer care as well.